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In The Company Of Clarity

As a voice over artist when someone starts talking about clarity I naturally think of projection, diction and enunciation.  It’s of paramount importance that when I present, the people I am speaking to (the audience) understands what I am saying.  If they can’t understand me, then they wont be able to effectively receive the message I have been hired to communicate.

It’s really not rocket science.

But why then do so many freelance artists, business owners and content producers seem to miss this message when dealing with their business to business partners or contracted workers?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been frustrated by the lack of clarity on a project I’ve received to do a narration for.  Or how embarrassed I’ve been at times when I recognize that my lack of clarity has frustrated a client.  Everything from me as the voice over artist not getting enough details so my bid or proposal is grossly under or over-estimated, or my client not being clear on the deadline which leads a frantic back and forth at 3:00 am on the day he was supposed to complete his project.

I encourage my voiceover counterparts, talent agents, producers and really anyone who works with other service providers, to create a template or checklist of those questions that have to be answered in order for the smoothest possible experience.   Not only will it bring peace of mind, but also clarity – and that’s company we’re all better off keeping.

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