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12 Essentials to Getting Started Article

Read a great article today by voice talent and coach Bettye Zoller who I follow on twitter and have learned is a trusted expert in voiceover.  It lists the 12 essentials to getting started and gives some basic insight into each ‘essential’.  It was very helpful for me to be able to take that list and match it up to where I am today.  I feel pretty good about my direction but I’m not delusional either.  I have a long way to go.

I want to maximize my time and energy now so that I can be the most successful voiceover business owner I know I can be.  Success for me isn’t only defined in the number of clients or how much I made doing voiceover in 2013.  It’s defined by how I handled each stage of my life and career moving forward and for now, it’s about getting started.

I’m convinced that getting the next 6-12 months right as I start will pay HUGE dividends as I grow my career.

Thanks for the GREAT article Bettye!


here’s the link

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